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Hi, I’m Gayathri, passionate about Writing, home décor, and travel. Thanks for visiting!

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Life of Violet 🌷 ch-20

VIOLET It took us around 45 min to get the total situation under control. Me, my sister and Chris divided the neighbourhood streets to check if there is any activity we need to take care of. I am seated on…More

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Life of Violet 🥀ch-19

CHRISTIAN One can say he is going through emotional turmoil. He is happy seeing Violet happy and whatever tension she has been carrying almost for a month was faded now. He is confused at the scene that has unfolded before…More

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Life of Violet 🌹ch-18

VIOLET Slowly one by one the creatures are turning to smoke, after a few moments all the creatures turned into smoke. Now where once the spider creatures stood is a giant purple smoke cloud and it started drifting forward. I…More

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Hi, I’m Gayathri. I am a Software Engineer . When I’m not working or spending with my lovely family, I love to write. My favorite genres are Sci-fi, Vampire/Were-wolf.

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